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We are two sisters, born and raised in Colombia, South America. Our passion for teaching Spanish has taken us to develop a curriculum based on having fun while learning. We teach in an enjoyable environment filled with hands-on activities that keep students engaged and ready to explore new knowledge.


We each have more than ten years of experience teaching children in different environments, working with toddlers, preschoolers, K-12 and adults.

As loving mothers, we plan and teach each lesson with care and enthusiasm as we care deeply about our students well being and success.


All Spanish classes are designed to provide each child with lots of fun and educational learning experiences that immerse them in the Spanish language and stimulate their interest in other cultures.

About us


Our number one goal is to provide our student with useful and meaningful Spanish language experiences in an anxiety-free, fun-filled   environment. And our second but not less important goal is to promote   diversity and inclusion. 

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